Welcome to the Qrosscheck Academy!

E-Learning courses

As a part of Qrosscheck, Qrosscheck Academy develop e-learning courses for selected industries and markets as well as on-demand.
Our Qrosscheck Management platform contains a full LMS, Learning Management System which is a platform for e-learning courses. The LMS can also be accessed separately and does not require any Qrosscheck subscription. Our courses are available for the open market.

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Management Software with high IQ

The smartest software designed for all types of training and industry
Management Software & E-Learning in one

Some highlights


Work in the cloud, stay in control from anywhere at any time. System support for multiple locations.

Automatic notification system, the system will warn users for upcoming expiration of documents.

plug & play

Easy to use, easy to begin – No binding contracts, fixed monthly prices.  Software license plans for every type of business. Unlimited users.

Flexibility & creativity

Easy to Create and edit your own course documents, classroom material, practical lessons.

Easy to overview for both students and teachers. Our LMS platform for e-learning courses is interconnected with the education module

Fleet & equipment management

If you are operating any form of vehicles, trains, aircraft or ships this module will keep track of maintenance, limits of components and much more.

Keep track of your equipment, expiration of certificates, evaluations and calibrations.

Who is using Qrosscheck?

We have software designed and tailored for specific industries. Management Software and E-learning is a great combination where you can manage your entire operation in one single system. Our generic software fits most organisations or companies that has a requirement or need for quality assurance, control, training and planning. If you have a specific need or missing any features, just get in touch with us and we will tailor our system for you!


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