Mikael Randhem

Who we are

We are a private company with our headquarter based in Austin, Texas which is really of the hot-spots for IT in the world. We originate from Scandinavia, Sweden. Our offices are located in Austin, TX, USA with our Scandinavian office in Gothenburg and a development office and team in southern Poland.

Our company consist of two main divisions, Management Software and Qrosscheck Academy. Qrosscheck Academy offers e-learning courses to selected industries, we have our own course development.

Our courses is built on quality and not quantity. We make them as interesting as possible, use of interactivity and innovation.

With more than 30 years of management from the Aviation, Defence, Railway and Maritime industry Qrosscheck was founded to develop a management software that is better, easier and gives more control than other systems. Not only in the system, even for the business around it. Who want’s expensive and long binding contracts? Who want’s two or three and sometimes more different platforms, systems with log-in’s? Who wants days of system training? The answer is simple, no one of course, so we created the opposite!

Aviation is one of the most demanding industries with requirements of documentation, track record of employees, safety system integration and compliance with a continuously changing regulation not to mention the global structure of the business. Our management team has participated in establishment of several training organizations in different regions and countries as well as establishing small to large airlines. The greatest strength of a good management system is the integration of all those modules such as tracking, booking, training system, Maintenance tracking system etc. Its from our experience we are developing our software and services to aviation, railway, maritime and many other industries, and we know it’s must be dynamic and flexible.

We are determined to provide the market with the best web based management platform. Our software shall be versatile, to fit any industry with any form of training, not only aviation. We listen to our customers, develop our software from needs and visions. Simplicity is our motto, it must be simple to use, from simplicity comes understanding and control.

Welcome to Qrosscheck!