E-Learning Courses

What is E-learning?

An e-learning course is a computer based course, sometimes called CBT, with lessons containing text, graphics, sound, speech and sometimes interactive training as well as tests. There are many variants of how an e-learning course can be presented.

Why E-learning?

First of all e-learning is time saving, it does not require any teacher directly even it is nice to have access to a tutor for specific questions. It can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

With Qrosscheck Academy you can access e-learning courses for various industries. We develop e-learning courses on demand on request. Our team has extensive experience of educational development and using the latest state of the art technology, powered by Articulate 360.

How do I enroll to a course?

Our courses are available for direct purchase on our E-learning platform or by contract of multiple courses. Ask us for more details of our course packages if you are interested to buy licenses for more users.  The e-learning platform is also available at the Qrosscheck Management System.

To see all available courses go to the E-Learning platform. If you are not registered you can do so at the log in page.

Education on demand – we create for you!

We have great experience of develop training courses for various industries. No matter if you provide a service or products, we will develop a program that fit your company and your requirement. When we create a course we make sure we fully understand your requirement, service and products and who the students are. We will work with you through the process from start to the finish product.

What we deliver

  • Development of complete training course modified for your service or products.
  • Sourcing course material, manuals, photos and instructional film clips.
  • Compliance with regulations if applicable
  • Course material includes e-learning course, theoretical and if applicable practical course material.
  • Tests and exams through out the course.
  • Guidance material for tutors and instructors.
  • Training course for new tutors and instructors.

E-learning is a web based learning tool, widely used in aviation but could very well be used in many other industries as well. E-learning, well produced is an interactive course. Combination of text, speech, sounds, virtual pictures with explanations and free play gives the student a good understanding.

With e-learning based courses you can accelerate training, reduce time spent in classroom and improve quality of education.

Our development team for e-learning courses really do a fantastic job, it will be creative and we promise to make your courses as interesting as they can be. Education is about create an interest and understanding, that is our profession and that is what we deliver.

Talk to us for more information!