FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

We have posted here the most common questions. If you can not find your answer here please do not hesitate to contact us

Where are your servers?

They are hosted by AWS, Amazon and we are using servers on Ireland. AWS is one of the most secure and reliable server providers in the world.

Do you take backup?

Yes, the servers are backed up every 24 hrs and the data is stored for 7 days. This mean that if someone do a misstake we can restore the data up to 7 days back, the maximum loss would be the hours between the restore and the last back up which is early mornings.

How do you take care of GDPR?

We are following the requirement in accordance with European legislation and US privacy act. We have a GDPR and Privacy policy and we do not share any data with any third party. GDPR is about each individual consent to store and share their data, that is an agreement between you and your users, we provide the platform. They also have the right to be forgotten, that is also your responsibility to delete the data permanently. There may be some legislation depending on your business that requires your company to store the data a certain time before deleting it. Our policy is available under Legal.

Does the system get slow with many users?

No it does not. We are using the latest technology for server scaling. The system will not be slow due to amount of data or number of clients, users. The speed will depend on your internet link.

Can a User delete his entire profile himself?

No he can not. Users can only upload their documents and information. It can only be changed or deleted by a admin or manager.
The only data he can change without verification and managers is the contact details.