Our Management Software for Healthcare and Veterinarians is designed to fit small to large clinics even companies with multiple locations. It’s easy to use and takes care of your quality assurance for expirations, personnel competencies, education as well as all your equipment. The system is module and cloud based. Access and manage from anywhere at any time. For education, our LMS, a platform for e-learning courses will enhance your in-house education of your personnel. It’s all there in one system, one log in.


Keep track of personnel documentation, expiry dates, courses and much more. Automatic notification system. Easy overview of all your personnel.


Create your own course documentation and material directly in the application. Flexible system which allows for individual development. It’s never been easier to create courses. 3 in one, classroom lessons, practical lessons and e-learning through our LMS platform.


Create your own question bank with multiple choice questions. Create theoretical exams with multiple categories of questions.


Deviation and company reports. Modify reports to fit your company.


Book personnel, equipment, education etc in a calendar. Notification of new, changed and deleted bookings. If any equipment or personnel does not fulfil your requirement, the system will tell you.


Tracking of equipment with locations, ID-number, upload certificates, expiration dates etc. Automatic notification system for pending expiry dates.

Management levels

Multiple management levels of users. Corporations with multiple clinics can divide and restrict access for each clinic at the same time full overview from headquarter.


Upload and share documentation, user manuals, regulations etc.


Access 24/7 from anywhere. Off-line mode available for operation where there are no internet connection.


With e-learning you can easily enhance your in-house education. It’s a fantastic tool and more industries are using e-learning to replace time consuming classroom lectures. Courses can be developed with interactive training and much more. It’s also time saving. With over 20 years of experience of developing educational material we can develop any course for your needs. Our training module contains a full LMS (Learning Management System) platform.


Our licenses are monthly with no startup fees, no binding contracts and unlimited number of users.

Single License fee:
89 USD / month

Multiple Licenses, multiple locations: 
89 USD + 59 USD / additional location /month

14 days free trial

Your success manager

We care about your success by using our system. When you sign up for Management Software for Healthcare we will assign a personal success manager to you. We will guide you with setting up the software, give you tips of how to best utilise the platform and how the system can improve your daily operation, all free of charge.

Technical Support

Management Software for Healthcare is easy to use and easy to start using, however if you would need any technical support, we are here to help you. You can always reach us by email or phone. Our support is open Monday – Friday during normal business hours for both USA and Europe, national holidays exempted.

About our servers

Our server capacity is placed at one of the most safest and reliable supplier in the world. The system makes an automated backup once every day and saves it for 7 days. We are using AWS for our server capacity. AWS has the most reliable and secure capacity in the world.