Qrosscheck Management System for Railway

Qrosscheck is more than just a management system, it’s a system combined with a full-scale learning platform. The system is user-friendly and covers areas from ECM, personnel, education, and technical oversight. There are many features which make daily operation much easier, ability to plan ahead. You will never miss an expiry date, a limit of a spare part etc. We are able to, on request customize features.

Some of the features


Keep track of vehicles (locomotives) and wagons. Easy to overview the entire fleet, parts, and maintenance. Automatic notifications before expiry dates, kilometers, or operational days. Possibility to link to trackers/GPS systems for automatic updates. This is the best and user-friendliest system of its kind on the market.


Keep track of personnel documentation, expiry dates, courses and much more. Automatic notification system. Easy overview of all your personnel.

Save time by letting users upload and update their profile and documents. Verification of documents.


Create your own course documentation and material directly in the application. Flexible system which allows for individual development. It’s never been easier to create courses. Contains a full LMS, for e-learning courses. This module takes care of all aspects of education.


Create your own question bank with multiple choice questions. Create theoretical exams with multiple categories of questions.


Create complementary certificates for train drivers in the system. The certificate follows the EU standard and is available in all European languages.

The system also creates automatically certificates for completed courses and exams.


Tracking of equipment with locations, ID-number, upload certificates, expiration dates etc. Automatic notification system for pending expiry dates.


Book personnel, equipment, trains in a calendar. Notification of new, changed and deleted bookings. Interactive with personell and fleet. Ensure that requirements are fulfilled for the booked task.


Deviation and company reports. Modify reports to fit your company.


Upload and share documentation, manuals, regulations etc. Restrict documents to selected users and groups.

ECM-Fleet Management

Management Software for Railway – ECM Fleet Management module is an add-on. Control your fleet with limitations of calendar time, kilometer , and operational days.  Actual status in real-time. Ability with automated updates of GPS-based system of distance. Plan your maintenance, tracking, and replacement of components. The system will warn of upcoming limits with notifications to selected users. Automatic reports with the current status of all components. Interactive with the booking module. This applies to the European requirement of ECM and other equivalent requirements.


Our licenses are monthly with no startup fees, no binding contracts and unlimited number of users. Licenses are per corporation.

Qrosscheck Management System
Single License fee:
4200 Euro / year

Qrosscheck Fleet Management Module – ECM
Add on with the Qrosscheck Management System for Railway
Fee per train, car/wagon monthly:
Price on request


Your success manager

We care about your success by using our system. When you sign up for one of our software we will assign a personal success manager to you. We will guide you with setting up the software, give you tips of how to best utilize the platform and how the system can improve your daily operation, all free of charge.

Technical Support

Management Software for Railway is easy to use and get started with, however if you would need any technical support, we are here to help you. You can always reach us by email or phone. Our support is open Monday – Friday during normal business hours for both USA and Europe, public holidays exempted.

About our servers

Our server capacity is placed at one of the most safest and reliable supplier in the world. The system makes an automated backup once every day and saves it for 7 days. We are using AWS for server capacity which has the most reliable and secure servers in the world. Servers located within the EU.