Maritime management software

Qrosscheck Maritime

A web based system, a platform designed for the Maritime & Offshore Industry. Software that assist management, auditors and other users with all requirements for trackrecords, training documentation and individual authorizations such as Licenses, Dangerous Goods etc. This is probably the most user friendliest software of its kind on the market. It takes care of all your licenses, authorizations, due dates, create courses, lessons and all is stored at one place.

Fleet Management, with real time updates of positions, hours at sea you can manage your entire fleet, schedule maintenance, docking and much more.

With an increasing requirement for audits, changes of regulations, Qrosscheck Maritime will reduce the workload for both users as well as for auditors.

We offer a fixed monthly license fee for the system,  all support is included and no startup fees.

System Description

User Module

All personal data, contact details, experience. Upload all previous experience by description, adding dates, upload certificates and authorizations. With each due date an automatic notification of pending expiry date is sent out as well as seen in the notification board. each user can see themselves and admin’s can see all. Easy to keep track of all users and easy to plan ahead. Print/export function with ability to send users profile and data to selected receiver.

Training Module

Create your own courses with lessons and contents. The system uses a drag and drop method. For lesson items you can also upload photos, drawings and videos. Once published and in use you can use the APP on Ipad or Android. Lessons may be altered by using drag and drop during the progress. All lessons can be graded by customers choice of gradings.
Administrators can see progress of all users, completed, in progress and coming courses/lessons.

Test & Examination Module

Create your own test, you build your own question bank and create your own multiple choice exams. Several settings are available to fit each customer preference.

Calendar & Scheduling Module

A visual calendar for easy scheduling of events such as courses, exams, trainings etc. Uses colored codes for easy view. System sends out notification of changes, new booking etc.