PBN & RNP Course

This PBN and RNP Course is an interactive e-learning course. The course is developed for pilots, either during instrument training or commercial pilots. Course covers the EASA and FAA Learning Objectives for initial and recurrent training. It provides training by illustrations, photos, audio and text.  It is divided in chapters with multiple choice question to ensure that the learner reach the target knowledge. After completion a course completion certificate will be sent automatically.


  • PBN Introduction
  • Definitions
  • PBN Operation
  • RNP and RNP Approach

Course duration: 30 min

Course fee: 39 USD
License length: 90 days

How to get started,

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  1. Register to our LMS platform by clicking the button.
  2. Once logged in, pick the course license you want to purchase.
  3. You get instant access to the course after payment and your 90 days license starts.

Learn from quality, not quantity!

We have created this course with quality in mind and not quantity. You will not find any duplications or long boring explanations just to fill out the time. This is a course which meets the requirements as stated in the aviation regulations, both FAA and EASA.  You may already know most of the contents, however we have aimed to make it as interesting as possible and if you are doing this course as a recurrent, it will be a reminder and refreshment of your knowledge.

Enjoy the course!

Platforms and usage

This course is delivered via the Qrosscheck Training LSM website. The e-learning course modifies itself depending on your screen, works on both computers and tablets. By purchasing this product you agree that the product will be used by a single individual for personal training and not in a classroom or commercial setting. Evidence of account sharing, commercial use, or excessive use will result in the early termination of the license.

Regional standards

Course meets both the FAA and EASA standards.


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