E-learning and Management System – LMS

We are proud to announce the new update of Qrosscheck 2.0 contains the full LMS, Learning Management System. The LMS is also available as our platform for Qrosscheck Education which is our e-learning development. With the LMS our system now support theoretical, practical and e-learning courses. The LMS support the newest format Xapi as well as the previous Scorm formats for e-learning and management system. This will also allow our customer to upload their own e-learning courses on our LMS platform. https://www.qrosscheck.com/en/education_ondemand/. E-learning courses powered by Articulate. www.articulate.com

How e-learning can change your business

Your personell or customers can access an e-learning course at any time. You do not need to arrange a teacher, gather people for a course, you simply give access to an e-learning course. You can monitor the progress of the courses, arrange certificates once completed and best of all if you do use Qrosscheck Management System it will automatically synch.

An e-learning course can be changed which mean whenever you change something in your business or products you can update your courses. Students can also go back and review any course, lesson at any time.

Qrosscheck Education offers e-learning courses for selected industries but also on-demand. We can develop courses customised for your company. Convert your material into exciting, exploring interactive e-learning courses. Courses that you can update and change any time, students can review and go back at any time. Saves time, no need to arrange teachers and gather people together. For example, new employees, designate courses in advance, or if you are holding a practical course prepare the students before with e-learning. It’s e-learning and management system in one!

e-learning and management system

e-learning and management system