E-Learning Courses

Qrosscheck Inc. offer e-learning courses on it’s LMS platform.

The courses are sold by user licenses. Each license is limited to a pre-set calendar month for which it will be available. The start of the license begins once it has been purchased, no refunds of purchased courses. The content of the courses is the property of Qrosscheck Inc. and subject to copyright protected by US and international law. Licenses is single use only, unauthorized use will result in licenses being revoked and access denied.

Course completions, certificate of completion will be generated automatically by the system and emailed to the emailed provided at registration. If requested, certificates can be re-generated and emailed.

Liabilities and Warranty
Qrosscheck Inc. does not take any liabilities of the contents of the courses. For Aircraft System Training Courses, documentation from manufacturer has been used for development.
For other operational and informative courses, where a learning objective exist such has been used. Applicable regulatory is EASA and FAA to what it has been checked against.
If any faults exist in courses, Qrosscheck will rectify the content within reasonable time.
In order to maintain a high standard, we welcome any feedback and support from our users. Please contact us at support@qrosscheck.com.

The LMS platform is a web-based product and support browsers Safari, Chrome and Explorer. Qrosscheck does not guarantee functionality of other browsers

GDPR and Privacy policy
Qrosscheck Inc. does not share any information to any third party. Once a user has registered on our LMS platform, courses can be purchased. Results and certificates generated after course completion will be stored in the server at Qrosscheck Inc. If the user wish to have the account deleted, please email to support@qrosscheck.com and account with history will be deleted permanently. Note that if such action is taken, it will not be possible to retrieve any generated certificates.

Maintenance and Support
Qrosscheck Inc will notify customer 24 hrs before any scheduled maintenance of the system where access may be degraded. Support is available weekdays from 07:00 to 17:00 UTC. Support outside those hours is available but limited. Support is free of charge.
Bug fixing of the platform or courses will be resolved without undue delay.

This terms and conditions are valid until changed. Any updated and revised terms and conditions will be uploaded on Qrosscheck Inc. website at https:www.qrosscheck.com/terms_elearning

Terms and Condition version 2020-01. Updated 16 April 2020.

By using and purchasing courses, the customer accepts the terms and conditions.

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