Are there additional costs?

No there are no additional fees or costs involved. The subscription fee is monthly and is according with your plan.

Support Included?

Support is included to set up your account and sort out any problems that you may have. Our tutorials are there to help you with how to use the system.

How to set up the system?

The system is pretty easy to set up, there are a number of basic settings that you can alter and set but the system is prepared to fit your business but it can be customized to some extent. There are some information in each module already so you can see how it is done. We also have tutorials to assist you. The system is extremely easy to understand so there will be no need for any ”training” most of it is self explanatory.

What about Refunds?

There are no refunds. We charge monthly for the system, you can at any time cancel the subscription. The fee is billed and charged at the beginning of each month and monthly.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes you can change the plan at any time and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel the subscription your account will still be open the current month, for the period you have paid for.

Where is the data stored?

We are using a third party provider for data hosting. Its one of the largest and most secured providers in the world. The data is backed up every day.

Can I retrieve the data if I did something wrong?

The database is backed up every day, so if you by misstake deleted some information we are able to retrieve it depending on when you deleted and when you added it. Normally what was current yesterday, that data we can always retrieve.

Transfer data from other system to Qrosscheck?

If you are using a different system from another provider and would like to change to Qrosscheck, we offer assistance with that move to be as seamless as possible and hazzle free. Just talk to us and we will help you with that.

Can I upload documents to user profile?

Yes you can, you upload pictures, pdf etc to the user profile. When you are for example adding a certificate, there is a plus sign which will allow you to upload the document. Once upload it will then be possible to view and print from a new window.

What about back up of the system and data?

The system makes automatically a safety back up every day.

Different web browsers?

The system works on different browsers, we have tested the system on all commonly used web browsers. If you do experience any troubles with a function please let us know. We do recommend Chrome, Safari and Explorer. Firefox is using a different system and some functionalities may not work due to Firefox various plug-ins.

FAQ didnt solve your problem or answered your question?

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Talk to us at the support, we are here to help you. Send us an email with your question or simply talk to us directly by the Chat located on our web site.

Check our tutorials

We have created a number of tutorials that will assist you with how to use the system for all types of users.

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